Friday, 8 February 2013

The New Kind of Man

Decades ago, women desired a masculine man, hairy, sweaty, radiating sexuality. But in recent years, with the rise of metro sexuality, heterosexual men are seeing their masculinity compromised.

Nowadays the one we call “man” goes to hairdresser rather than barber, they avoid using soap because it is too harsh on their skin, uses hair remover and even has difficulty deciding what to wearLadies and gentlemen, please welcome the new hero in women’s dirty minds-the metro sexual man!

 The British journalist Mark Simpson introduces the term “metro sexual” in his article: “Here come the mirror men”. At first, Simpson only records the new man prototype, which has appeared in society. Nevertheless, after a few years the term is included by advertisement and fashion.

What does a “metro” man mean?
This is a young man who embraces and accepts his feminine side and takes care of his appearance. A man with money to spend, living in or within easy reaches of a metropolis.
What are “metro” man’s sexual preferences?
According to Simpson, for a metro man the sexual orientation is not important. He explains that metro sexuality is end of the sexuality. He might be a gay, straight or bisexual but that is utterly immaterial. He has taken himself as his own love object and pleasure.

If exist in real life such a man or it is only an image from the cinema and advertisement? Kerri Beale who is stylist in the popular salon for hair artistry and male grooming “Equinox” says:” These men are more than we expect but this is not a problem because they are normal like every person. They just have an unusual dress-style and haircut but I love them! They are the perfect customers.”

The most famous metro sexual man is the captain of the England soccer team David Beckham, called “metro sexual icon”. His image quite frequently is connected with that term. His style is a landmark for metro sexual “code” and “lifestyle”.

According to the student Marie Malyon metro sexual men are often to femine: “I don’t find metro sexual men more attractive really. I want to be one who takes the longest to get ready not my man. I find masculine men a lot more attractive as they can look after me! I adore Russell Crow! I always think of him in robin Hood.”

More and more men are adopting social behaviors and styles of dress that are so androgynous, so sexually blurred, that the lines between heterosexuality and homosexuality, male and female, are no longer drawn clearly and the fear of crossing back and forth over them is no longer as prevalent.

Omg, even I don't do a face mask...

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